︎ Who I Am

I’m a copywriter who cares deeply about many things.

Some of the things I’ve come to care about a bit too much include: editorial design, community building, and the art of getting dressed for the day.

I’ve always been one to get swept up in creative whirlwinds: from my years spent building fairy houses instead of attending public school, to my stint as a 10-year-old drag performer, into the “dark years” of high school theatre. Let’s just say, if there’s any creative merit to it, I’ve given it a spin.

If you have any work inquiries or questions about the acorn’s vital role in magical homebuilding, feel free to shoot me an email or three.

︎ What I Look Like 

︎ Where You Can Find Me

︎ Resume
︎ mayahaws@gmail.com
︎ (512) 696-7406

︎ mayanhs