Community Building

While creative work has always been my focus, I’m a strong believer in the power of community in the workplace. Each organization and workplace I step into I hope to enrich with the type of social structure that I personally look for.

︎ TXC Fest (Virtual Critique)

Finally, a music festival with no music and way more ads.

At the begining of 2020, my creative partner Kiana Fernandez and I stepped up to plan and execute the semesterly critique for our portfolio program. But after COVID-19, we were tasked with the new challenge of bringing the experience online. After months of endless Zoom calls and more decks than we can count, we led the charge and achieved what seemed impossible a few months ago.

TXC Fest allows you to experience hit campaign after hit campaign in the largest and most virtual fest-themed portfolio critique and hiring extravaganza you’ll ever attend during a pandemic.

From concepting the fest, serving as the copy lead across all of the brand identity and promotional assets, all the way through logistically managing converting the experience to an online format. Kiana and I were the liasons between the professors and students, while managing and collaborating with individuals across both.

︎ Pop Off Newsletter

During my time at R/GA, I worked with a creative duo to write and curate a bi-weekly newsletter on all things culture and Gen Z (my very favorite subject). The newsletter gained enough traction that it was disseminated throughout the entire network.

︎ Woman Up

I had the privilege of serving as a board member for the Austin chapter of R/GA’s women empowerment organization, Woman Up, to plan and implement office-wide initiatives.

Highlights included planning a monthly Content Club dicussing topics across the spectrum of workplace and interpersonal issues, as well as organizing a World Mental Health Day initiative. Work like this is something I hope to pursue within any workplace I enter.

︎ Event Planning

After 22 years of life, there’s one thing that’s become decisively clear: I will always be the girl making the plans. 

From theme parties to organization socials, I believe that community building is the most rewarding thing you can implement, and have a lifetime of experiences to back that claim up.

At R/GA NY, I’ve had the honor of being selected for our community’s Fun Committee – the best title I’ve held yet.

Included are samples of some of my previous themed events, from a Galentines’ “celebration of luv” to a top-tier Halloween home-turned-haunted hotel. I’ve gotten quite comfortable with the Facebook event description box.