Editorial Work

A passion for design and an unquenchable appetite for longform storytelling has turned me into an editorial monster. The result is an obscene amount of time spent working in Adobe InDesign.

︎ Spark Magazine

A biannual magazine that aims to cultivate a creative space for individuals to develop as young professionals and to engage the community in an ongoing dialogue about the role of fashion in everyday life.

I head a 25+ person staff in the design of the entire book, as well as managing the visual identity of our digital presence.

In Fall 2019, I led a top-down overhaul of the magazine’s branding and structure.

Design Director

Layout Director


Seeing Spectra – Issue No. 14
May 2020
Design Director

After creating the new role of Design Director, I oversaw both the digital and print sides of our magazine’s existence. Primary responsibilities included cover and internal design, revising the entirety of the book, and overseeing all graphics used in the digital space.

Activate – Issue No. 13
December 2019
Layout Director

This was the primary launch of our 2019 rebrand, which was co-led by the Editor-in-Chief, Joanne Xu, and myself. While my focus was primarily on the brand look moving forward, including the logo and interior type treatments, our rebranding efforts extended even wider. Together with a taskforce of senior leadership, we looked at both the processes by which we were producing the book, and the focuses we wanted to have as a magazine moving forward.

Issue No. 12 
December 2018
Layout Director

Issue No. 11 
May 2018
Layout Director

For more of my work on Spark Magazine, visit our site. 

︎ Moody Monthly

Moody Monthly aims to expose and explore the lives, issues, and experiences of students in the Moody College of Communication at the University of Texas at Austin.

I led a committee of 15 team members in its creation, as well as copy-editing, designing, and writing.



Staff Designer